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Ad Klinkenberg – CEO - [javascript protected email address]
CEO and founder of Klinkenberg Traders, started in 1978 trading in stocks and stockoptions. Ad has been trading in Montreal, London, Frankfurt & Amsterdam and has been one of the founders of AOT (Amsterdam Option Traders). After various partnerships, Ad started in 2000 Klinkenberg Traders and is mainly responsible for the risk management at Klinkenberg Traders.

Han Zwakenberg – Managing Director - h.zwakenberg@ktraders.nl
Han graduated in 1998 at the HEAO in Arnhem. Since then he has been working in the Amsterdam financial area. He started as a marketmaker at the Amsterdam Options Exchange and was there responsible for pricing various stockoptions. In 2000 Han started Klinkenberg Traders and was responsible for the trading of non-cyclical stockoptions. After the end of the “open outcry” period, he has become responsible for the trading strategies and volatility arbitrage. Since 2005 Han is responsible for the overall portfolio and portfolio management.

Jeroen de Bruin – Head of Stockoptions trading - j.debruin@ktraders.nl
Jeroen joined Klinkenberg Traders in 2009. He started his career in the late ‘90’s with trading Dutch stocks on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. After that period Jeroen became active for Saen Options Trading and was responsible for pricing various stockoptions. At Klinkenberg Traders Jeroen is responsible for the liquidity trading program and emissionstrading.

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Stockoptions: j.debruin@ktraders.nl
Emissions: h.zwakenberg@ktraders.nl
Trading back-office: backoffice@ktraders.nl

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